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Janitorial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Services in NJ

One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases. Hence a clean place is a safe place. Most often than not, janitorial services are ignored in our society. But why is that so? A janitor’s work is also of significance when it comes to working in a clean environment. You might have observed that whenever you go to school, hospital, restaurant or hotel, any office or someone home, the place is always spotless, looks neat, clean and beautiful. The reason behind this cleanliness is that a janitor takes good care of it.

What are janitorial services?

A janitor will not only keep your property neat and clean but will perform some maintenance work. Apart from cleaning, janitorial services typically include:

  • Supplying the washroom and toilets with toilet paper, paper towels and soap
  • Providing the restrooms with clean, dry towels
  • Arranging daily uplifts of sanitary disposal units
  • Evacuating bins and removing garbage from the premises
  • Changing the light bulbs
  • Cleaning cooking installation and equipment in staff rooms to make sure they are hygienic at all times, for example: removing old food from fridges, and cleaning microwaves
  • Supplying vending machines and replacing water in water coolers

Why do businesses need janitorial services?

Some businesses consider janitorial services an extra expense and usually choose to do them themselves. But, we think there are many reasons why it is significant to pay commercial janitorial services company for carrying out this job.

Customers who visit your business property might use the toilet. Everybody dislikes an unhygienic toilet and restroom etc. and if your business is of the sort where customers usually visit your building the above mentioned places must be kept clean and supplied with required items.

Your own business concerned employees cannot properly carry out commercial janitorial services and they usually forget to do so because of their own work, it’s only the job of janitors at Shining Shadow LLC, so if you are looking for janitorial services in NJ, we are providing them.

Your employees might mind when asking for janitorial maintenance because they usually meet customers wearing proper dress. Hence, you should ask us as it’s only the work of cleaners at Shining Shadow LLC, and we can assure you that we are the best janitorial services providers in New Jersey.

It’s normally inexpensive to pay for a cleaner or janitor to do janitorial maintenance for your business premises, thus leaving your staff to do their own work with attention.

Your staff will not quarrel over whose turn is to evacuate the fridge or supply the toilets with essential things.

Our Approach

Shining Shadow LLC is a janitorial services NJ based company which offers total commercial janitorial services, janitorial maintenance and eco-friendly office cleaning services etc. Our wholly customer-focused janitorial services ensure your building or office space maintains a regular level of cleanliness irrespective of the shape, size, or nature of your business.

Our experienced and highly professional team offers superior office cleaning and building maintenance janitorial services in NJ. What do commercial janitorial services include? Well, they include HVAC services, carpet and floor cleaning, janitorial maintenance, sanitation, waste management and recycling programs, interior and exterior window cleaning, and more.

Our commercial janitorial services, corporate, house and office cleaning services in NJ are designed to match your company and home’s high standards and to maintain your space’s need for a high-functioning environment. We guarantee you that your common areas, such as the foyer, washroom facilities, and elevators are always neat, clean, and safe.

Our objective is to provide high quality cleaning solutions at a competitive price. Our high spec and latest professional cleaning equipment and fully trained, highly skilled staff help us reach the excellent standard of cleaning that you require from us.


Our friendly & professional cleaners

We have offices in Hackensack and Maywood, NJ, each with a highly experienced, skilful, professional and reliable team of janitors/cleaners. Each member of our cleaning squad is interviewed, vetted and strictly trained to ensure and show excellence at work. Our customer-friendly management team is 24/7 available to take your call and will make sure that any issues are resolved quickly.

Our sectors

Offices Cleaning Services

Children that end up with the school for the day leave behind all kinds of dirt and waste. The very next day, everything is all right and perfect. Hence, high traffic areas are our specialty. With educational facilities, our cleaning professionals are quick but efficient at the same time. Unlike others, we offer quality and time-efficient janitorial services in NJ.

Educational facilities

Children that end up with the school for the day leave behind all kinds of dirt and waste. The very next day, everything is all right and perfect. Hence, high traffic areas are our specialty. With educational facilities, our cleaning professionals are quick but efficient at the same time. Unlike others, we offer quality and time-efficient janitorial services in NJ.

Industrial and institutional buildings

By using our specialized equipment and unique skills, our staff at Shinning Shadow LLC, a janitorial services NJ based company efficiently and delicately cleans industrial environments and every time you walk out of the office for the day, the next day everything awaits you like it is brand new.


Our adaptable janitorial and cleaning services provide an extraordinary space for your guests with accurate financial management and streamlined reception desk services to heighten the experience.


Hospital cleaning services: The key to germ free environment! We give special attention to the sanitation of this type of place so that staff, patients, and guests are in a safe environment.


At Shinning Shadow LLC, the highly skilled janitors know how much important it is to clean and sanitize the laboratory in a very professional way. Feel free to contact us for a free quotation and appointment reservation!

Why You Should Choose Shining Shadow LLC?

We have a fully trained team of janitors that is available five days a week, from Monday to Friday, to maintain your office, hotel, hospital and home cleanliness and make them look appealing and exciting place to be, for your employees and clients as well as guests.

Our team consists of cleaning experts who execute each cleaning work professionally. With keen attention to detail, our team ensures to suffice and surpass your expectations. We realize that each client we serve has different cleaning requirements, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create adaptable yet cost-effective janitorial cleaning programs to meet their needs.

We aim to maintain a reputable relationship with our clients, where they can trust us without any hesitation and reservation anytime and anywhere. We also offer our valuable clients with customized cleaning services in order to plan things in accordance with their needs. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise that are needed in cleaning and maintaining our janitorial services in New Jersey. We believe in ‘Customer Satisfaction First.’ For appointment and free quotation just give us a call at (201) 281-2900.

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Our Recent Clients
Noreen Fennell
Noreen Fennell
Shining Shadow LLC did a fabulous job cleaning one of my listings in preparation for coming on the market. The house sparkled and smelled fantastic. They were on time, professional and the team worked quickly to get the job done. I highly recommend Shiningshadowllc!
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez
they provide a very professional service as well as fast and safe. I highly recommend tek without any hesitation. They are second to none
Gerardo Batres
Gerardo Batres
This is a small business but is the best cleaning service in the market, i have 30 year experience in comercial buildings and never i see no body work like this cleaning crew, for the people who thing cleaning is easy, let me tel you, yes because in your work place no body care but for this company and the owner, the best beutiful lady (JOANA), the main priority is her satisfaction when she can put a real smail in customers face because the difference are difference and the name of the difference is SHINING SHADOW LCC. I recomended.
Mayra Acevedo
Mayra Acevedo
Best company ever! I really love this company because they think about the environment having eco-friendly products to clean, and most importantly the health of their customers by not using TOXIC CHEMICALS that affect the health. I totally recommend this company for doing a great and most importantly non toxic cleaning job at my house.
luis castillo
luis castillo
Awesome service I asked them to clean my house and was so professional and reasonable with the prices that I'll hire them again thank you guys now my house its clean
John David
John David
Shining shadow’s cleaning staff was on time & professional. They exceeded my expectations for the cleaning services. They did more than asked, while the place is spotless. I’ll definitely ask them to get their help again.
Best cleaning service. They clean my medical spa In NewCity and it was amazing. Staff knows how to clean a medical office. Definitely recommend.
Janitorial Cleaning Service