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Post Construction Cleaning

Why do you need Post Construction Cleaning Services?

Constructing or refurbishing a commercial space to open or expand your own business can end with a mess. The construction contractors may not be responsible for cleaning up. Construction usually leaves behind enormous amounts of dust and rubbish. Trash stores up at each stage of project accomplishment.
If this is not taken care of and managed in due time, it can rapidly sneak up on you and be enormous to handle. The unaccomplished materials that are left behind can sometimes be confusing and hard to manage. Post construction most of a business owner’s worry should be concentrated on opening up their business. You must ensure to provide a healthy, hygienic, and great environment for employees and customers equally. This is where commercial post construction cleaning services get in.


Commercial Construction clean up services in New Jersey

Post construction cleaning services are carried out after renovation or new construction. As the word, ‘post-construction’ itself indicates that it is after construction cleaning. Construction contractors may do a general cleaning of garbage; however, cleaning at a minute level is not part of their job anymore. This type of cleaning is carried out in the entire facility from top to bottom; it doesn’t just merely mean sweeping of floor, cleaning the carpet, and other obvious spots. Following are some of the requirements and the spots that need to be taken care of and cleaned:

  • The walls are clear and are free from dirt, marks, and stains
  • Windows and frames power washing and cleaning
  • Removal of sticker/plastic from windows, furniture, and doors
  • Removal of dust and wetting and drying of fans, ceilings, lights, and heaters, etc.
  • Floors that are free from dust particularly on edges and corners are clean and polished
  • Performing vacuum cleaning
  • Carrying out trim cleaning
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Cleaning of all gadgets, shelves, and cabinets from both inside and out
  • Appropriate removal of garbage and debris

Resolving any safety issues, loose wires, and leaks, to the construction contractors
Thorough inspection, for the last time, of all the space, corners, and inner surfaces once the cleaning is carried out.

Why should you choose Shining Shadow for After Construction Services?

Shining Shadow LLC provides a comprehensive range of construction janitorial services to befit your every need. We make certain that all your expectations are met by consulting with you to discuss the precise site specifications, which are then passed on to our janitorial staff.
We have a whole team of professional employees who have specially trained in construction janitorial services for the building industry. At Shining shadow LLC, we recognize the significance of safety. Our team of professional cleaners strictly follows the practices of quality standards to be paramount throughout. All work is conducted carefully and is within legislative and compliance requirements.

Sophisticated Janitorial Services

We are more than just commercial and post construction cleaning services provider. We go in cleaning your area beyond your expectations and try our utmost to satisfy you. Those who compete with us do not have any elaborate program to give you the guarantee of doing the job the way we do. Our janitorial technologies contain American Lung Association sanctioned HEPA filtration vacuums and reputed anti-germ and odor chemicals that eradicate odors and 100% of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Post Construction NJ

 What we do

Either it is a new construction or renovation project, the ultimate goal is to have the outcomes looking at their best. Cleaning up following any construction work is essential to not only remove debris, dirt, and waste but also give the space the final touch it needs. With our quality janitorial services, you can take advantage of the benefits stated above, as well as saving yourself money, time, and energy while optimizing safety.

If you are searching for post construction cleaning NJ or construction cleaning services, then you are on the right web. Shining Shadow provides 24/7 quality, time and cost-efficient construction clean up services in Hackensack and Maywood, New Jersey. Just call us at (201) 281-2900

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We provide expert floor cleaning services across New Jersey with affordable rates and quality work so if you like more information about services, or want a free quotation, contact us today at (201) 281-2900. Shining Shadow’s philosophy is ‘Satisfaction of Customer is First’! 

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Our Recent Clients
Noreen Fennell
Noreen Fennell
Shining Shadow LLC did a fabulous job cleaning one of my listings in preparation for coming on the market. The house sparkled and smelled fantastic. They were on time, professional and the team worked quickly to get the job done. I highly recommend Shiningshadowllc!
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez
they provide a very professional service as well as fast and safe. I highly recommend tek without any hesitation. They are second to none
Gerardo Batres
Gerardo Batres
This is a small business but is the best cleaning service in the market, i have 30 year experience in comercial buildings and never i see no body work like this cleaning crew, for the people who thing cleaning is easy, let me tel you, yes because in your work place no body care but for this company and the owner, the best beutiful lady (JOANA), the main priority is her satisfaction when she can put a real smail in customers face because the difference are difference and the name of the difference is SHINING SHADOW LCC. I recomended.
Mayra Acevedo
Mayra Acevedo
Best company ever! I really love this company because they think about the environment having eco-friendly products to clean, and most importantly the health of their customers by not using TOXIC CHEMICALS that affect the health. I totally recommend this company for doing a great and most importantly non toxic cleaning job at my house.
luis castillo
luis castillo
Awesome service I asked them to clean my house and was so professional and reasonable with the prices that I'll hire them again thank you guys now my house its clean
John David
John David
Shining shadow’s cleaning staff was on time & professional. They exceeded my expectations for the cleaning services. They did more than asked, while the place is spotless. I’ll definitely ask them to get their help again.
Best cleaning service. They clean my medical spa In NewCity and it was amazing. Staff knows how to clean a medical office. Definitely recommend.
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